Used Nakamura-Tome CNC Lathes for sale Nakamura-Tome WT150

Manta Machinery is proud to offer for sale a Used CNC Lathe , a Nakamura-Tome WT150 Multi-Axis CNC Lathe.
6″ Chuck / 7.48″ Swing Over Bed / 7.48″ Swing over Saddle / 7.48″ Max Turning Diameter / 15.75″ Max Turning Length with Upper and Lower Turrets / Main and Sub Spindle (2 Spindles) / 12 Station Upper Turret / 12 Station Lower Turret / 6,000 RPM /
Equipped with :
LNS BARFEED UNIT, QuiCK LOAD / C Axis – Y Axis – Live Tools , 2 Spindles
orProg-rammable Parts Catcher / 6″ Kitagawa Chuck on Sub and Main Spindles
with Ejector

Call Gerald Heddleson for this beautiful machine and for a quotation.
P:  – 325-596-1007 or email at or for more photos

CODE STOCK NUMBER / MMI   (Manta Machinery International – Direct )



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Are you selling your CNC Equipment? CNC Machines for sale ? We buy CNC Machinery, We buy used machinery.


We are always looking to purchase your used machinery. If a machine is currently surplus to your needs please let us know. We invite you to take advantage of our brokerage service.  We will take your machine and advertise it on this very BLOG or on our website (  for fantastic coverage of the US / World market. We are looking for all kinds of used machinery.  Used CNC Lathes, lathes, boring mills, and much much more to even list.

LIttle known is that Manta Machinery was one of the 1st US Used Machinery dealers / brokers to utilize a website to sell our used CNC Equipment. This was back in approximately 1996 or so. How the world has changed.  Going from having a UPS account to send photos overnight (that’s a big ups bill at the end of the month) to clicking a button to send photos !
Manta Machinery has now been around nearly 20 years !  we haven’t gotten here by luck. UPon taking that change to go out on our own, we were successful from day one.
if you’re in the market for a pc of used machinery we hope that you will give us the pleasure of dropping us an email or better yet give us a call at 352-596-1007

Where have all the late model Haas VF-3 gone ? Haas VF-4 gone ?

Getting harder and harder to find machinery , late model Haas for sale. As the years go on, they get harder and harder to find. It’s almost next to impossible to find late model Haas VF-2 with a gear box.
On the Haas CNC Lathe side, the Haas SL-10T model is also very hard to find.  For some reason the Haas SL-30T are fairly common to find.

Gerald Heddleson
Phone: 352-596-1007

SODICK EDM’s FOR SALE, SODICK A325 For Sale, Sodick AQ325L for Sale, Sodick AQ300L for sale

Manta Machinery has been informed by a machine shop on the East Coast that they have (3) Three SODICK EDM’s for sale. They have asked us to put them on our website

1.  SODICK A325 New in Feb 1999
MK25 Controller / Remote Controller
Turmoil Dielectric Cooler / Heater
220/440 V Transformer (NEver Used)

2. SODICK AQ325L, New in 2000
Linear Motor
LN1W Controller
500 Pound (Jumbo) Wire Spool Atachment (NEver Used)
Remote Controller
CKD Dielectric Cooler / Heater Model HYW1947-ZSD2A
220 / 440 Transformer (Never Used)

3. SODICK AQ300L for sale
New in January 2005
Linear Motor
LN1W Controller
Remote Controller
CKD Dielectric Cooler / Heater Model HYW1935C-ZSD2D
220/440 Transformer (NEver Used)

All these machines have never been used for Taper Cutting. All Guides are in Excellent Condition.  .101″ Diameter Wire.   Service and Preventative Maintenance Performed by Sodick.  Machines are in Full Operation. 208 Volt.  Original Sodick Work Holding Clamps and Fixtures.

Please contact us if you have any interest on any of the above SODICK EDM Machines for sale. All are represented to be in excellent operating condition. Ready to plug and play..
Contact: Gerald Heddleson at 352-596-1007 or