IS USA Manufacturing coming back ?

According to we could be seeing more “MADE IN AMERICA” products on our shelves. The main reason is the labor wagesin China
are soaring. One main contributing factor mfg’ers 1st looked over to China now leads the list of resons to re-think offshoring.

“Within the next five years the USA is expected to experience a manufacturing renaissance as the wage gap with China shrinks and certain US states become some of the cheapest locations for manufacturing int he developed world—-prodicted global business strategy firm THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP in May 2011

Everywhere in China labor rates are soaring. 15 – 20 percent each year! 21 Percent of North American manufacturers surveyed by manufacturing sourcing reported bringing production back to USA shores (re-shoring)

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Raytheon Confirms one Billion Dollar Cyber Deal from US Government HS

According to Industry Week ( the US Dept of Homeland Security as reaffirmed  a 1 Billion dollar contract won by Ratheon Co to protect networks of dozens of federal agencies from cyber threats.

USHLS Reaffirmed on June 2nd it’s choice to award Raytheon the 1 Billion dollar
contract. Due to the many cyber attacks the US Gov’t is beefing up it’s security.
The latest large breach from Chinese hackers that may have stole information on up to 21.5 million US Residents.

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USA vs China, USA to be on top?

USA vs China

USA vs China Head on. Look out China, US Headed for Top Spot

According to INDUSTRY WEEK.  The USA is “expected” to take the crown
as the most competitive manufacturing nation by 2020. Or  EARLIER.
Says a new survey of top executives in the USA vs China debate.

According to top Global Executives advanced manufacturing techniques are
bringing the USA back to being the most competitive nation in manufacturing.

China is now number one.  The most competitive manufacturing nation.
But as stated by the year 2020 it is agreed that the USA will take that crown back.
We are now ranked 2nd on this list.

The US manufacturers are investing in all sorts of new techniques and materials.
This will improve competitiveness in the coming years.

Talent is the number one critical factor for competitiveness.

What do they say is the anticipated drop for China’s competitiveness?
Their economy is slowing and manufacturing activity has dropped.
This results in excess inventory.

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Haas SL30T LIVE TOOLING for sale

(1) Used Haas SL-30T with Live Tooling available in plant
in Oklahoma. This Machine Haas the Following Available.–


Haas SL30T
2 Spd Gear Box
12″ Chuck
Parts Catcher
Tool PreSetter
Quick Code
Chip Conveyor
Haas CNC Control with RS232 Port for DNC Operation

Manufacturin recession over ? Mazak Nexus Quick Turn 350II

Mazak Nexus Quick Turn 350II MY

The manufacturing sector had a perfect score for it’s recent evaluation.

GOLDMAN SACHS says it’s over !!

Ever since 2014 the collapse in the oil sector has really taken a toll on the manufactureres
of the Unites States. The rise of the dollar and being tied to the energy industry didn’t help things. there were a lot of surveys on key states like Philly, New Yord, Kansas, Dallas
and they all shows improvement in March !

Goldman Sachs prediction is that manufacturing pruchasing managers will finally
kick above 50, that level tears apart the ups and the downs. But they say recovery
will be very fragile.

Mazak Nexus Quick Turn 350II MY

Stock Number: 10762

Mazak Nexus Quick Turn 350II MY

Age: 2012

Condition: Very Good

Mori-Seiki, Mazak NExus Quick Turn 350, Mazak Slant Turn 400, Slant Turn 500

Mazak Nexus Quick Turn 350IIMY for sale


10762_9 10762_8 10762_7 10762_6 10762_5Specifications for Mazak Nexus Quick Turn 350IIMY

Max Swing 25.9
Max Cutting Diameter 19.88″
Max Turning Length 51″
X-Cross Travel 10″
Z-Long. Travel 49″
Tool Size 1.25″ x 1.25″ x 6″
Spindle RPM 6 – 2,500 RPM
Rapid Traverse Rate 472 / 787 IM
Turret Type 24 Position
Main Spindle Motor 40 HP AC
Spindle Bore 4.40″
Tailstock Control Fully Programmable
Tailstock Taper MT #4
Weight 17,600 Lbs

Equipped With:
Mazatrol Matrix nexus
12″ Chuck
Sub Micro Input (.000010 min Program Input)
Intelligent Thermal Shield
Conversatinoal and EIA Programming
Standard Tool Pkg
Fully Y Axis Milling
Full C Axis Contouring
Tool Eye
inch Metric Conversion

Immediately available
Only used Sparingly for a few months

This Mazak Quick Turn 350II is still in plant under power
Located in Oklahoma area.

Used Haas ST-30

Used Haas ST-30 2012
Stock Number: 10619


** SPINDLE TIME, AS OF 06/2015 – 2,282 HOURS


The Used Haas ST-30 is the latest Haas high-performance turning centre – designed to provide heavy cutting ability, extreme rigidity and high thermal stability. It has a maximum cutting capacity of 533 x 660 mm, with maximum swings of 806 mm over the front apron and 527 mm over the cross slide.

The standard 30 hp spindle yields 275 ft-lb of torque at 700 rpm, and spins to 3400 rpm. For heavy cutting operations, an optional 2-speed gearbox increases torque to 840 ft-lb at 200 rpm. The A2-6 spindle nose is equipped with a 10″ hydraulic 3-jaw chuck. The machine is equipped with a 12-station bolt-on style tool turret.

Whatever your requirements, there’s a Haas ST-30 turning centre designed to meet your needs. Generous travels, large workpiece capacities and an array of models and options combine to make Haas the logical choice for any turning requirement.

Built using heavily ribbed, American-made iron castings for superior vibration damping, these rugged machines utilise Haas’ exclusive torque-tube base design – with more than double the mass of competitors’ models – for superior rigidity. The result is high accuracy, consistent repeatability and superb surface finishes – all while maintaining dependability and value-based pricing Used Haas ST-30

Contact: Gerald Heddleson at Manta Machinery

10619_4 10619_3 10619_2 10619_1 10619

Used Hyundai HiT-8S CNC Lathe

Used Hyundai HiT-8S CNC Lathe

Swing    11.3
Max Turning Diameter   6.3
X Axis   3.93
Z Axis   11.4

Equipped As:
Siemens CNC Control,
10 Position Turret,

Call Dave at 352-596-7003
Reference Stock No 10463

Hyundai 10463_4 10463_1

Tos SUS 80 Engine Lathe Sale Used

Tos SUS 80 Engine Lathe Sale Used
5000 length
Long Bed Lathe

– Bore size: 3-1/2”
– Swing over bed: 32”
– Swing over carriage: 20”
– 4-jaw chuck
– Center distance: 17’
– Metric & inch? Yes
– Taper? No
– Thread? Yes
– Speed range: 22 speeds, 10-1250
Comes with the transformer/control cabinet.

Contact:  David Heddleson

Tos SUS 80 Steady Rests2014-06-16 15.43.38

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For Sale Used Haas SL-30TBB Long Bed Slant Bed CNC Lathe w/ Live Tooling

For Sale Used Haas SL-30TBB Long Bed Slant Bed CNC Lathe w/ Live Tooling
Super Rare Long Bed Lathe.

15″ Chuck
Hi Torque 2 Speed Gear Box
LIve Tooling with C Axis
16MB Expanded Memory
Hard Disk Drive w/Ethernet Interface
Spindle Orientation
USB, RS-232
Tool Presetter
Parts Catcher, Chip Conveyor
Progammable Hyd Tailstock
Long Bed

10132_2 10132_1 10132



















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