Manufacturin recession over ? Mazak Nexus Quick Turn 350II

Mazak Nexus Quick Turn 350II MY

The manufacturing sector had a perfect score for it’s recent evaluation.

GOLDMAN SACHS says it’s over !!

Ever since 2014 the collapse in the oil sector has really taken a toll on the manufactureres
of the Unites States. The rise of the dollar and being tied to the energy industry didn’t help things. there were a lot of surveys on key states like Philly, New Yord, Kansas, Dallas
and they all shows improvement in March !

Goldman Sachs prediction is that manufacturing pruchasing managers will finally
kick above 50, that level tears apart the ups and the downs. But they say recovery
will be very fragile.

Mazak Nexus Quick Turn 350II MY

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Mazak Nexus Quick Turn 350II MY

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