Haas SL-10T 2 Available Used SL-10T for sale Haas SL10T

Used Haas SL-10T for sale

manta Machinery has two used Haas SL-10T CNC Lathes for sale
2003 and 2004 Haas SL-10T
Both Haas SL-10T have Parts Catcher, Chip Auger, Tool Presetter.

Price on 2003 is 34,900 5784 HOURS, S/N 65904

Price on 2004 is 36,900 4,052 HOURS, S/N 67477 

Used Haas SL-10T for sale

If you would like a  quotation or questions or check the availability please do not hesitate to call Manta Machinery at 352 596 1007