USA vs China, USA to be on top?

USA vs China

USA vs China Head on. Look out China, US Headed for Top Spot

According to INDUSTRY WEEK.  The USA is “expected” to take the crown
as the most competitive manufacturing nation by 2020. Or  EARLIER.
Says a new survey of top executives in the USA vs China debate.

According to top Global Executives advanced manufacturing techniques are
bringing the USA back to being the most competitive nation in manufacturing.

China is now number one.  The most competitive manufacturing nation.
But as stated by the year 2020 it is agreed that the USA will take that crown back.
We are now ranked 2nd on this list.

The US manufacturers are investing in all sorts of new techniques and materials.
This will improve competitiveness in the coming years.

Talent is the number one critical factor for competitiveness.

What do they say is the anticipated drop for China’s competitiveness?
Their economy is slowing and manufacturing activity has dropped.
This results in excess inventory.

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