For Sale Used Berthiez VTL Berthiez 55″ Chuck Table Side Head Turret Head For Sale Available Now Used VTL

Available now as stock number8749
Awesome pricing.  Located in Canada.
Swing of 66″
Two Axis DRO’s, Pendant Control
160 RPM, 48″ Height Under Rail
Call Dave at 352-596-7003 or
E-mail at

We have available a Used Berthiez VTL (Used Berthiez VTL)
For Sale Used Berthiez VTL, Berthiez used vtl
Equipped with 5 Sided Turret and Side Head. This used Berthiez VTL
is in great condition. Used Vertical Boring Mill, Not Bullard, Not Cincinatti, Not King,
but used Berthiez vtl