Used For Sale Haas SL-30T Lathe

Used For Sale Haas SL-30T Lathe

Stock Number 9578

Haas SL-30T

MFG in Dec 2007
Installed in 2008

Haas CNC Control w/ CRT
RS232 Ports for DNC Operation
12 Position Turret
Chip Auger
All available Books and Manuals
All Available Tooling

RJH        Remote Jog Handle
VQC-L        Visual Quick Code Programming System
ENET/HD    Hard Disk Drive (40GB) & Ethernet Interface
PTS30        Fully Programmable Tailstock
HIL        High Intensity Lighting
PFDM        Early Power failure detection module
OPC12        12″ Power Chuck Upgrade-30T


David Heddleson


A Haas machine will not stay on the market long…….