Used machinery on Websites

Our webiste shows used machinery that was available at some point, none of our listings are dummy listings.. That is only get hits and interest from buyers….  One thing is we do apology for older listings on our website. You see in this business we chase machines each and everyday and over the course of a week or two, that could be hundreds of machines. At the end of the day with the machines that keep stacking up, we are falling behing on keeping track of what machines are available.  So we do apologize if you call up and we say machines are sold. We try our best (I’ll admit it, we could do better) to keep it up to day by keeping the sold machines off our website or marked with a  ** SOLD ** highlighted in yellow so we can be sure that the viewer can see that it has in fact been sold.

We also keep this blog up to put machines up for sale that we find from time to time. It greatly enhances our SEO. (Search Engine Optimization). After all, if you can’t find us with  a search in Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, etc than that is hurting our business……

We hope you find out sight EXTREMELY EASY to use with a couple of clicks and you’re on the machine you need to find.