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Hello, I’m using this BLOG to let you know, THE MANUFACTURER,  that we have many many Bullards and other brand name of VTL’s for sale. A Quick Run Down of the Used Bullard VTL and Giddings & Lewis VTL we have are as follows, and mentioning afew others.
 Bullard 46″ DynaTape CNC VTL, with 5 Station Turret, P & W Research Surplus, BEAUTIFUL! AB CNC Control !
BUllard 36″ DynaTape CNC VTL, 5 Station Turret, P & W Research Surplus, MINT / Beautiful, AB CNC Control!
Giddings and Lewis , 48″ CNC VTL with 5 Sta. Trrt, Fanuc 18T CNC Control, Beautiful !!
Giddings and Lewis, 48″ with Fagor CNC VTL, Retro / Remfg in 2008 !!! LIKE NEW !! Fully enclosed
46″ Bullard Dynatrol w/ Turret and Tracer, Beautiful !!
48″ Giddings and Lewis with Turret, Pendant Control, MIINT Condition ways
120″ Rafamet VTL with 2 Swvl Rams, 1 Side head, 120 UNDER THE RAIL !!, 142″ Swing, 42 RPM, Pit Required
52″ Giddings and Lews with 68″ UNDER THE RAIL (RARE MACHINE), Turret Head, Side head, Ram Head
Cincinnati 54″ Hypro, Ram Head, Turret head, 250 RPM, BEAUTIFUL!! Fortune 500 Surplus, 4 Jaw Chuck

Many more to list, we’ve searched the market High And Low to bring you many Vertical Boring Mills to choose from. We have many happy customers that do one stop shopping at Manta machinery for the Vertical Boring Mills, we’ve partnered with Resellers, Shops, Remanufactuers, Retrofitters, New Builders taking in trades all the while to give you a handle on the Used VTL’s that are on the market. 
Please call Gerald Heddleson at  352-596-1007 or email me at sales[ at ]mantamachinery[ . ]com or better yet, Please Visit Our Website at www[ . ]mantamachinery[ . ]com for more complete listings of the machines you see here and others you don’t see here. Also call us because there’s machines we do not have listed either.