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Welcome to Manta Machinery. We'll try and introduce ourselves and hopefully tell you a little about ourselves in business and other aspects of  this trade. 


On this website you will see many listings for machine tools. From Used CNC Lathes to Lathes
to many other type of chip making machines. None of these machines are fake / dummy listings.
Not a single one.

Most of these machines here are listed by countless hours of being on the phone,
email marketing and talking to shops seeing what they have available to sell. These listings
come from Bank Reposessions, Off-Lease, to a machine simply being paid off and the owner
wanting to upgrade. From the single shop to the large corporation is where these Used CNC
machines are from.

Manta Machinery has been in business nearly 20 years. Over these years we've made
some fantastic relationships with shops and other dealers. This gives us the opportunity
to reach well beyond the local shops to get the machine you are looking for. How is it that
we can list so many machines? Each and every machine we come across we enter into our database
and this gets exported to our website. If we just located 1 to 2 machines per day. In a matter
of months that adds up to a couple hundred used machine tools out there for sale.

We do apologize for machines that ARE on our website but are no longer available
due to prior sale or simply being taken off the market. This is the most time consuming
part of it.. (Verifying which machines we previously have / had on our website that are
for sale, available, off market, etc) We try out best to keep the database / website up to
date for you.

Nearly 20 years ago we started Manta Machinery and we haven't been around this long
not being available for you or to serve you .. To help you find that machine you are looking
for. We would personally like to thank the thousands of machine shops / individuals who have
put their trust in us to help them find a machine for their own business.

With the advent of the internet there has also been the threat of being scammed. We
take every effort to assure you that this will not happen. Manta Machinery has been
targeted numerous times by these theives, Both domestic and international, who try to
list dummy listings for machine that they do not have and also try to send you fake checks
which are drawn up on banks that do not exist (or bank accounts).



  I live in Central Florida where the weather is beautiful most of the year.  Many interests.. Water, scuba, fishing, sports, well.. anything FUN !
Fast Cars !


Some machines you may come across on our site are:

  1. Mori Seiki SL-300A  sold
  2. Mori Seiki ZL-25MC sold
  3. Mori Seiki MV-40B sold
  4. Rafamet 60" 4 Axis CNC Vertical Boring Mill w/ Automatic Tool Changer sold
  5. King 120" manual Vertical Boring Mill  sold
  6. Mori Seiki MH-40 sold
  7. Mori Seiki MH-63 sold
  8. Haas VF-4, 1999 sold
  9. Haas VF-4, 2000 sold
  10. Gray CNC Vertical Boring Mill (See #12) available SOLD
  11. Giddings and Lewis CNC Vertical Boring Mill sold
  13. IN STOCK NOW....1993 Mazak Super Quick Turn 10MS, Live Tooling, Sub Spindle, Parts Catcher, T32 Control, Approx 12 Live Tool Holders, Excellent!! $ 43,500  JUST SOLD, ON THE MARKET FOR 48 HOURS AND SOLD! 11-1-2004 sold
  15. DAEWOO PUMA 300B, 2002, excellent!, SOLD IN 1 WEEK sold
  16. HAAS HL-4, 1994, EXCELLENT, SOLD IN 3 DAYS sold
  18. 1980 Landis 14" x 144" Plain CYLINDRICAL GRINDER Available!! JUST SOLD
  19. (2) CINCINNATI 18C x 750m bed length CNC LATHES, remanufactured by Cincinnati in 1993 and given  1 Sold, 1 Available NOW SOLD
  20. Daewoo Puma 450B, Front and Rear Mounted Air Chucks, Fanuc 18T CNC Control ** SOLD **
  21. 1995 Mori Seiki SL-25B/500, Fanuc 16T, 3,800 CUTTING HOURS. Available NOW - IN STOCK ***SOLD***
  22. 1996 Mori-Seiki SH-40 with 800 Cutting Hours (20,000 ON HOURS)!!!! Available NOW. IN STOCK ***SOLD***
  23. Haas VF-1, 1991, actually put this machine on ebay and sold within HOURS... Sold for 10,500... ***SOLD ***
  24. OUT OF INVENTORY, MARKET WHITE HOT.. coming... 36" Bullard DynaTrol, Fanuc OT CNC Control, 5 Position Turret, 89,500
  25. 1972 RAFAMET KFC-200 - 80" Chuck, 90" Swing, 2 Swiveling Rams and Side Head, 4 Jaw Chuck, 69,500... AVAILABLE ** SOLD ***
  26. Mazak FH580, 1 Degree, TPLUS Mazatrol, 1996, Mayfram Int'l Chip Conveyor, Very Nice!  124,500 AVAILABLE
  27. 2001 Fadal VMC-4020HT with Factory Pallets, Excellent Condition, etc - STILL IN STOCK, SOLD
  28. COMING SOON - SCHIESS 100" CNC VTL  - GOING TO BE RETROFITTED AND REMFG. - Give us a call. Will be beautiful 4 axis machine with a Fanuc control HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT SOLD
  29. 1984 Hitachi Seiki 7NF-1100, 11" Spindle Bore, Fanuc 6TB, 8 Station Turret, It's a monster!  , in our warehouse now, we are currently cycling the machine, cleaning it up, etc. Please call., SOLD
  30. King 72" Vertical Boring Mill, Twin Rams, 80" Swing, 50" Under Rail. IN plant  Under power in the SouthEastern USA.   Best Price around in this RED HOT VTL MARKET of  79,500!!
  31. Bullard 42" Cutmaster, Turret head, Side head, Ram Head, EXCELLENT CONDITION. TWo available in same plant.. 43,500 Ready to go and EXCELLENT !!!!
  32. Mazak Super Quick Turn 10MS with Barfeed, parts cathcer, etc 28,500
  33. Haas SL-30T, Tool Eye, 12 Sta Turret, Rigid, Spindle Or., Chip Auger, tailstock...   49,500   (This machine only has 478 CUTTING HOURS as of Feb 1 2009)
  34. Haas SL-20T, Barfeed (Haas Barfeed) EXCELLENT... 39,500 !!!
  35. Bullard 46" Dynatrol, Excellent
  36. Bullard 54" Cutmaster (Taken off market, might still be available)
  37. Bullard 74" Cutmaster (Also taken off market, might be available)
  38. Berthiez VTL, 90" Chuck, 144" Subtable with 216" Swing, 125 HP, Side Head / Ram Head, 125 RPM.. 479,500
  39. Schiess 54" VTL, Side Head, Turret Head, 30 HP, 54" Swing with 48" Chuck, 39,500 !!
  40. 120" Cincinnati Hypro, 104" Chuck, twin Rams, EXCELLENT, 120" Swing, 50 HP Flush Mount, twin swivelling rams, Excellent , in plant
  41. 84" King VTL, in plant under power with 96" Swing, twin rams, This machine is really EXCELLENT !!!!!!! Both the Cinc and this king in same plant and are in fantastic condition...
  42. 54" Bullard Spiral Drive, Many Spiral Drive to Choose From.. Many are not listed due to the fact they are inexpensive and not a big money maket to be honest
  43. Niles VTL, 88" Chuck, 100" Swing, 72" Under the Rail, 70 HP Main Motor
  44. Berthiez, 71" Chuck, 157" Swing , 125,000 (needs table bearings and we will install these in our facility)(Price due to change due to availability of bearings)
  45. Niles 144" Table, 168" Swing... Machine comes with extension so machine can swing 6 meters to 8 meters!! Machine is under priced for size !!only 169,500   
  46. Mori Seiki SH-400 and Mori Seiki SH-403.. 2 Machine Cell with 22 Pallets, pallet station Changer, only cutting alum. OPEN TO OFFERS. (1999 and 2004)
  47. Mori-Seiki SL-35BMC
  48. Topper TNL-25A, Conveyor, fanuc control, under 500 hours excellent
  49. Fadal VMC-6030HT
  50. Timemaster CNC lathe , Fanuc OT CNC Control with 9" Spindle Bore.. ONLY 69,500 !!!!!   



So if you're searching for a machine, Please feel free to give us a call. We'd love to talk to you.



Gerald Heddleson